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Hi, maybe this should go to the L&N bunch, since they were all ex-L&N but since they made it to Seaboard System, I'll shoot it here too :) I read in an old issue of Diesel Era that at least one of the U25C's had made the late SBD/CSX renumbering scheme of 3500's. The article said 3 made SBD System paint (1502, 1506 and 1514) and shows 1502 in SBD paint (looks spiffy!) All were gone by late 85. A later correction says 1524 was renumbered 3525. My question is, does anyone know what scheme this unit was in? I've got a Rivarossi U25C (in SCL paint) that I'd love to do up as this unit. I'm guessing Family Lines paint but don't know for sure, anyone else know? Thanks in advance!

-- Fred Ochs (, March 26, 1999


I was actually talking about the ex-L&N U25C's (that's why I said maybe it should go to the L&N bunch :) they lasted into Seaboard System (as mentioned by others, the SCL ones were sold to Mexico in 1980 or so, before the SBD merger). Guess the one response about 1524 answered it. It either got the CSX number and was retired right away, or maybe just got it on paper, since it was off the roster by 11-1-85.

-- Fred Ochs (, August 26, 2002.

ACL purchased a group of U25C's in the 1960's (ACL # 3000 - 3020, renunbered as SCL #2100 - 2120. The units were retired and sold by SCL in l980 to NdeM via GE at Hormell, NY (reconditioning, etc.) and retired by NdeM at various dates. A great painting of ACL # 3009 by Robert Karsten graces the cover of Warren Calloway's book Atlantic Coast Line - The Diesel Years.

-- Aaron Dowling (, August 20, 2002.

what are you talking about? SCL owned 21 U25C's. all ex-ACL numbered 2100-2120. All were off the roster by 5-1980 tho.

-- troy nolen (, August 07, 2001.

I saw 1524 in summer 1985. In fact I think she was the last U25C I ever saw. Anyway, she was in what remained of her FLS paint, but at least on the engineer's side, most of the long hood had been painted gray. The ribbons stopped just behind the cab.

-- Steven Holmes (, July 03, 2000.

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