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I have uploaded some of my work onto the internet. Please take the time to review it and feel free to let me know what you think.

Thanx, Kevin

-- Kevin B. Finigan (, March 25, 1999


This is probably the first time I've ever been "visitor number 0001"!

First off, the images are much too large - not download time, bit size. I had to scroll sideways to get the entire image, and I have a 17" hi-res minitor. Most viewers are going to be looking at it with much smaller screens.

I agree that one can tech one's self photgraphy - thats how I learned. But it's not the darkroom technique of the pros that I study in books, but rather thier "eye" - their composition, the shooting style, their "approach". When I took photo 101, though we were learning basic skills, I was turned on to the works of Robert Frank, Gary Winogrand, Lee Friedlander, Atget, Cartier Bresson, and others - the "Masters" of 20th century street photography. I learned alot more about seeing the world a certain way from them than I ever will from laborously compressing or stretching tonal curves in the darkroom. and everyone's vision will be different. I'm not saying to copy someone's style, but let yourself be informed by other peoples work, and then let you own vision spring forth. (geez. i said "spring forth"....)

I like the one at he trolley stop - but its almost too static. Like you needed to be in closer with a wider angle - a little less "stealth" and more interaction.

Dig around on the B&W site, if you havn't already. there are some good essays by Mason Resnick & others on Street Photography & stuff.

Don Minton

-- don minton (, March 28, 1999.

don t think the professionel take good picture. they take technicaly good pictures but most of them stop there.they are professional not artist they can t be artist, it s not what people wait for. in your cas, i beleve you have a very good start,and i sugest you have to follow your work, don t try to do beautiful pictures do instinctif pictures with feeling as you start to and your work will be better & better. and i agree with the advice the one before me give to you. have a look to my site

-- eric hadzinikitas (, April 18, 1999.

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