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Someone must have asked this before. I don't know why those guys (writers and directors) always like to make poor Mark so miserable. Why can't he get the happiness he deserves? Actually, he is my favoritest one in the show. I always think he is far more charming than Doug. Even more handsome. (Maybe because I am a Chinese girl, and he is a very traditional man. How lovely!)

Wish to hear from you soon.


-- Joyce Zhu (, March 24, 1999


I agree with you Joyce--I've been a Greene woman from day one. Although I wish he'd lose that goatee he's got now.

I think the reason they heaped so many troubles on him was character development--when the show started, he was so good that people used to refer to him as St. Mark. It made us all love him, but it might have gotten boring if it had gone on that way with no tension to his character. Susan's leaving was of course necessitated by Sherry Stringfield's departure, but I think a lot of the rest of it was a chance for adversity to bring out a darker side of Mark's character that hadn't come out when times were good and that needed to be resolved.

Much as I hated seeing the nasty, troubled Mark of Season 4, seeing his evolution was interesting, and having him go through that phase made me appreciate the old Mark when he returned in Season 5 a lot more than I would have if he'd stayed the same all along.

Now that he's had his character developed, though, enough already! It's absolutely time he got some happiness! I hope that the relationship with Elizabeth does it for him--I really like them together.

-- Mary Lyman (, June 20, 1999.

I must admit how shallow I am: I watched the premiere with baited breath to see if Mark had nixed the goatee...and Hallelujah. He is certainly becoming even more handsome with the years. I think he's always had the miseries (Mark's Miseries, if you will) heaped on him because A.E. is very talented and capable, he's the backbone of the show, and A.E. is so likeable that even when Mark was being a twerp in S4 we all were patient for him to come around. This year had better treat him well or else.....or else....I'll be suckered into being patient again. :D

-- May Archer (, October 05, 1999.

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