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In the pamphlets accompanying Kodak's Flexicolor(C-41) chemistry, a clear discussion is provided regarding useful capacities (rolls of film that may be developed per quantity of developer). These discussions include variables such as frames/roll, different film speeds/types, and replentishment and also provide adjustments to development times as the developer is exhausted.

I've been unable to find any useful discussion of useful capacities for Kodak B&W developers. I use both HC-110 dilution B and TMAX developers and develop only 35mm film in 24 and 36 frame rolls in small (two-roll) tanks. What are the useful lives of these developers in terms of rolls of films without replentishment and of HC110 with replentishment? How about adjusted development times to account for developer exhaustion? The only Kodak doc I've seen regarding this speaks in terms of 8x10 sheets or equivalent. What is the equivalency in terms of roll film? Can anyone suggest a publication or source for answers or answer these questions from experience?

Thanks, Robert

-- Robert Vinyard (, March 24, 1999


The equivalent of an 8X10 sheet is a 36 exposure roll of 35mm. Think of it this way, a 36 exposure roll fits on 1 8X10 sheet of paper, so what ever amount of film will fit on an 8X10 sheet is the equivalent of the same.

As concerns capacities and replenishment, I have never replenished HC- 110, I always use it one shot. At dil. B it is very economical, and the consistancy of one shot development is what I am interested in. I am concerned about the inconsistancies of calculations and replenishment, and personally don't want to risk my film for the possible savings.

-- Marv (, March 24, 1999.

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