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I know there was a parting of ways for Al and Jeanie roughly a year ago (he took a job in Atlanta or someplace; she couldn't- or didn't want to- follow). But now Jeanie seems to have her pick of suitors (or at least she did, prior to the car accident which indirectly brought on the hepatitis). What happened to Mr. Boulet? I don't remember seeing or hearing and further explanation of his character's disappearance. Did he expire? Should we assume such? Will I ever play the piano again?!

-- Chris A. (, March 23, 1999


Me again...never mind...he's mentioned as a "phone call" to Jeanie in the "Sticks and Stones" episode (3-25-99). But I'd still like to know what's become of their relationship. When he left, they appeared to be getting back that she knows he didn't give her the hepatitis, are they still friends? Heck- are they still married?

-- Chris A. (, March 30, 1999.

And didn't I see Al Boulet (well really the guy who plays him) in the promos for that series about paramedics in New York? Third Watch I think it's called.

Since Jeanie is dating, I guess we're supposed to assume that Al is out of the picture as her mate. They never did remarry, though they wouldn't have to actually get a divorce for that to happen.

-- Mary Lyman (, June 20, 1999.

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