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Argh! Sorry to be such a pest, but as you can all see I am still agonizing over the purchase of my first LF system. OK, forget the Toyo VX125; it's to expensive and lacks the features of much less expensive cameras. Now I find myself wondering if I could effectively use the Canham 45DLC for both Landscape *and* tabletop/Still life. I realize that the Canham 45DLC is a Field camera and lacks some of the movements of a regular Monorail View Camera like the Sinar F2 or the Arca-Swiss F-Line C, but hell, i've been trying to do Tabletop/Still Life with a Nikon F4. Talk about an exercise in frustration! Surely the Canham 45DLC would be a substantial improvement movement wise- wouldn't it? And I'd also enjoy it's remarkable portability (among other astounding features) for my Landscape work. What do you experienced LF photographers think? Am I nuts to even consider the Canham 45DLC for studio work? If so, perhaps I could buy a used Canham 45DLC *and* a used Arca-swiss F-Line (or Sinar F2) and use the same lenses (and roll film back etc) on both bodies. Is this possible? Could the lenses be mounted to lensboards that fit both cameras? How about the Canham 45DLC and some other monorail studio camera? Help!!!! I'm drowning in an ocean of LF possibilities!! It is such a sweet agony.... LOL! It seems the more I learn about LF, the more confused I become. I'll be spending alot of money and want to make the best decision possible. Please forgive the long post.

Mad Mert

-- Merton Gaudette (, March 21, 1999

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