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I am looking for workouts online. If anyone can email me with either their own personal workouts or a page with workouts on it I would really appreciate it. I am looking for workouts appropriate to use with a summer swim team ages ranging from 13-18. Most of them are all very good swimmers and swim year round. They want their summer workouts to be fun but I need them to be instructional and helpful for those swimmers who do not have as much prior experience in the water or who only swim during the summer. Please help! Thank you.

-- Tara (LtlRed624@aol.com), March 20, 1999


Tara, The United States Masters web site has links to various sites which post workouts. A site that I have found to be helpful is http: \\www.swiminfo.com. There should be a link to training or workouts on their site and you can pick specific strokes as well. If the kids are very young or just starting sometimes the distances and times can be cut in half. Good luck! Mark

-- Mark Soderberg (mark.soderberg@westgroup.com), April 29, 1999.

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