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There was a bug which caused the Trace FIFOs to not read out properly. I put the corrected version in the download area at 8:45PM, March 18.


-- Robin Grindley (grindley@eecg.toronto.edu), March 18, 1999


Hmmm... I got full PCI transfers working last lab with the old pci_slave file, but I can't get it to compile with the new pci_slave.tdf... I tried compiling it separately, and I still got these errors:

Error: Line 1493, File c:\max2work\lab5\pci_slave.tdf: Symbolic name "MEM_REG_DATAOUT_CLK1" was not defined

I got the same message for three others: MEM_REG_WCTRL_CLK0 MEM_REG_WADDR_CLK0 MEM_REG_DATAIN_CLK0

All four errors appeared on the same line, 1493.

These names appear in each of the MEMORY_ mode = lines, but nowhere else in the code. They don't appear in the old file.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on? Has anyone gotten this file to compile successfully?

-- Steven Truelove (truelov@ecf.utoronto.ca), March 18, 1999.

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