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I came across some rubber stamps from Terminal Station Atlanta, Ga,alas now only visited in our minds. They bear names of towns like PORTLAND,MAINE-TYLER,TEXAS-KEY WEST,FLORIDA, and TY-TY,GA. These I understand. However one for HAVANAH,CUBA? Can anyone tell me how this trip was made? Thanks Rowland

-- Rowland S.J. Waylor (, March 18, 1999


Railroads once had very close working relations with steamship lines, some of which were owned by them or vice versa. I would imagine that a customer buying such a ticket would take the Southern train to a port in Florida or south Georgia or SC and there embark on the ship to Havanna.

-- Larry Puckett (, November 05, 1999.

The predecessor to the Southern Railway- the Richmond & Danville, owned if not all then a major part of the Baltimore & Chesapeake Steamship Company. After the line was re-organzed in the SR, it still owned an interest in the company (or was affiliated with it) through the 1890's into the early 1900's. Brass baggage tags stamped R&D and BCSC show up from time to time in collector circles.

-- matt bumgarner (, November 05, 1999.

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