** Another way of including PCI_SLAVE **

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A number of students are having problems with the package that we provided for the PCI slave. Messages like not being able to find the library, or out of date, or even crashes of Maxplus2.

You may find the following method more reliable/simpler.

1) Download/copy *only* the file pci_slave.tdf, set it as the main project and compile. (Note that you do *not* need the pci_pack.vhd, pci_slave.inc, or the DLS files.) If you get any errors, you probably have to Assign->Device to some kind of 10K. (Doesn't matter which one, you can just select Auto.)

2) In your top level bridge design, put in a COMPONENT declaration for the pci_slave. You can get this off the lab handout, or cut&paste it from the pci_pack.vhd file.

3) Compile your top level design. It will automatically find the pci_slave subdesign.


-- Robin Grindley (grindley@eecg.toronto.edu), March 18, 1999

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