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hi there, i have setup S-Mart 1.9.2 which works fine, except a little problem. when a user has enables a proxy server in his brower, he an add items to the cart OK. but when he gets to that order page, the cart is empty. As far as i can see from the /tmp/store-IP files, when a user adds an item to cart , this item is added to the /tmp/IP-address.of.proxy . when the user decides to buy, the script looks at the /tmp/IP-address.of user.machine and of course this file is empty does anyone has the same problem, and is there any solution to this problem?

-- Jimmy z. Stergiou (, March 18, 1999


Make sure that the directory has a 777 access mode first.

: )

-- Patrick Chan (, January 18, 2000.

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