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Hensel Studiotechnik will be launching the new CONTRA-E. Replacing the Hensel Expert Basic, the new Contra-E offers more features in a similar price range. The Contra-E is due to be released world-wide this April. It will be available in 500J and 250J versions.

The new Contra-E retains the basic design of the Contra standard line, with the use of a full metal housing with cast aluminum reflector mounting. It features a newly developed reflector clamp mechanism for easy mounting of reflectors and softboxes. It has a new user replaceable flash tube with a protective glass dome which can be replaced. The units are already fan cooled for almost unlimited use. It features a new strong tilting head with integrated umbrella holder. The control panel is now supplied with a fluorecence foil for work in total darkness. The handle is now reverse mounted to reduce required packing space (can be easily inverted to match Contra Standard line). The Contra-E also features the APD system which automatically dumps power internally, the improved version found in the Contra-E allows for manual flashing to speed up dumping. A switcheable slave is now included. The modeling light can now be set to proportional/off/full. The Contra-E flash power can be set from full to 1/16th power, stepless.

Price: to be announced. For inquiries call (632)7244883

-- Carlo Ma. Guerrero (, March 16, 1999

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