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The midterm marks are posted on the web page. Also, PS of the answers to the questions 2 to 4 is posted on the web page. You might have noticed that the total marks on the midterm add up to 26. Your mark, however, will be calculated out of 25, meaning that the midterm has one bonus mark. The average is 63%. If you have a problem regarding marking, please see the TAs after checking the web page for the correct answers. This is how the marking was assigned to TAs, along with the time they are in the lab (if you need to see them):
Q1: Steve TF9-12
Q2b: Ryan T9-12 W3-6
Q2a, Q2c, addition: Humberto WF9-12
Q3: Robin W
Q4: Scott w9-12, Amir w3-6

-- Alireza Kaviani (kaviani@eecg.toronto.edu), March 16, 1999

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