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I am interested in getting a small range finder camera with a good 35mm lens for traveling and Minox GT-E and GT-X seem to fit that purpose very well. I would appreciate some help on the following questions: 1. How easy is it to get accurate focus with the range finder? 2. Are they any differences between GT-E and GT-X other than auto DX code? (from Minox and B&H's web sites, this seems to be the only difference) 3. Any recommendations on which on to get?

Thanks for the help and I enjoy this forum very much!

-- Cing-Dao Kan (, March 15, 1999


Both GT-E and GT-X (and the new GT-S which replaces it ) are good travel camera. The difference in GT-X and GT-E is the DX coding plus extended EI range: GT-X and GT-S has extended ASA RANGE of 3200 vs 1600 for GT-E. If you do a lot of low light photo, you may consider GT-X or GT-S;l for travel, GT-E is good enough. Personally I like GT-E, because it allows me to change the ASA setting manually, and offers more control. The Minoxar lens on these cameras is excellent. As for distance estimate, it is quite easy, for near by object, you estimate by how many steps it takes you to go to the subject, for landscape, you simply set the lens at infinity OO ans shoot. Or you can make youself a simple range finder on a piece of calling card, and use your eyes as rangefinder. For detail see my Feb article "How to make a range finder "

-- martin tai (, March 15, 1999.

2. Are they any differences between GT-E and GT-X other than auto DX code? The specs. on the Minox Lab web site state that the Minox GT-X has an additional "snapshot setting (Green Line)." I presume this is some sort of fixed focus setting at a relatively small aperture and fast shutter speed. Maybe Martin or someone can explain how this works. Anyone?

-- John McCormack (, March 16, 1999.

Thanks for everyone's feedback on the Minox 35mm cameras. I took a close look at the Minox web site about the GT-E and GT-X. Based on their drawing of the lens diagrams, the the two lenses have different design. Is this just an error of their web publishing or the lenses are different?


-- Cing-Dao Kan (, March 17, 1999.

The 'snap shot" setting is quite common in many Zeiss Ikon 35mm cameras. The aperture is usually F8 (usually in red ) and the corresponding distance setting in red, is the hyperfocal distance at such f stop. In GT-X and GT-E the snap shot aperture is F8 (in green), and the green dot on the distance scale is between 3 meter and 5 meter,about 4.5 meter, which is the hyperfocal distance at F8. At such a snap shot setting, the depth of field extends from 2.3 m to infinity.

-- martin tai (, March 17, 1999.

Minox GT-E, GT-X and GT-S all has the same 35mm/F2.8 mulitcoated Minoxar lens (four element three group Elmar type lens). with integrated skylight filter.

-- martin tai (, March 17, 1999.

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