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Hello Barry,

I'm having a problem with shopping carts not being assigned an IP address. This means of course everyone is being assigned the same cart causing all items to be mixed. This wasn't a problem until two weeks ago when my ISP switched servers on me. If I add items to a cart, the cart appears as "store1-" in my tmp directory (no ip address).

1. I have deleted the previous install & reinstalled and assigned all rights. 2. Went through smart.cgi and replaced REMOTE_HOST with REMOTE_ADRR and still get the same results.

Even if I could get some advise on questions to ask my ISP so I can get this fixed would be appreciated.

-- Earl McManus (, March 15, 1999


Earl, I have been experiencing the same problem . I have tested the script on 2 different servers. Both UNIX running Apache. It works on one and not on the other. I asked a friend who admins Apache and he says Apache has to be compiled to resolve IP Adresses. The Techs at the server told me that the server must be set to resolve IP adresses AND resolve Domain Names as well. Some virtual servers turn Domain Name Resolving OFF because it slows down the server a great deal. I am trying to get answers from the host where the script worked fine, to see if they have Domain Name Resolving ON. If they do, then that is the answer. Good luck. I will let you know what I find out when I hear something.

-- Lonnie Gill (, March 23, 1999.


-- Scott (, April 05, 1999.

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