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I am interested in stepping up to medium format photography and am stuck between the 6x4.5 and the 6x7 formats. I do mostly 11x14 work, would i be able to tell a difference between the two formats at this enlargment? what if i step up to 16x20 or down to 8x10? any input would be very helpful, thanks.

-- david podorson (podeman@aol.com), March 14, 1999


David, I'm a firm believer in the 6x7 format. I use a 6x6 for weddings, but I prefer 6x7 for everything else. I generally enlarge to between 8x10 and 16x20. I can see a slight difference in the 6x4.5 format and 6x7, but it doesn't seem to be noticable by most people. I am just a very "picky" photographer. See if you can rent or borrow both and shooting the same film and subject, see if it makes enough difference to your idea of what it should look like. Also it depends on what your shooting and if its in studio or in the field. I use the 6x7 for studio and landscapes. I was using a 6x4.5 for weddings but have since moved to 6x6. Try before you buy if you can.


-- J.D. Voss (J.D.VOSS.PHOTO@worldnet.att.net), March 29, 1999.

Also, the 6x7 will require less cropping to print on standard size paper, which may be of interest to you. I prefer 6x7, but the cameras are bigger and more expensive than 6x4.5.

-- Ron Shaw (shaw9@llnl.gov), April 09, 1999.

My personal opinion is that 645 is a stupid format. Frame size is slightly larger that 35mm. Go for the 6x6 or 6x7 for the most optimal results from medium format. If price is the issue, stay with your present format until you can afford the best system that you can purchase.

-- Tony Novak-Clifford (photoho@mauigateway.com), August 05, 1999.

I think 6x4.5 provides an option for those who wants to move into medium format and prefer less weight. Some 6x4.5 systems provide motor-drive as an accessory. It is useful if you are doing fashion and do not want to miss any !0critical moment"

-- James (blackwhite@mailcity.com), February 07, 2000.

I own both Pentax 645n and 6x7 cameras. The quality of 6x7 is great but the 645 is much easier to use for weddings and kids and if you walk around taking pictures as 35mm guys do. The 645 is the same size as my EOS 3 and battery pack but has a neg almost 3 times the size. The 6x7 should be used on a tripod because of the weight and size but in the case of the Pentax it is the easiest to of the 6x7s to handhold. A 6x7 neg makes grainless 11x14 prints from 400 speed film. Again it depends what your final product is to be.

-- Jim Dailey (jgdfotog@juno.com), September 20, 2001.

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