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I have a Minox camera. I don't have any information on it. I would like to find out age, model and maybe the value.

It silver, two dials: shutter speed (T, B, 2-1000), and Focus (02m - infinite). Internal there is a number in white lettering 13437, maybe this is the serial number. There is a 2x slide switch in front of the shutter speed dial. In the closed position on the lense opening the writing says (F=15, Minostigmat, 1:3.5) It's in extrememly good condition.

I'd love to get any information on this camera.

-- Curt Hupton (, March 14, 1999


Curt, congratulation ! You own a Riga Minox, made between 1941-1943, it has a stainless steel body (ordinary Minox has alumimium body). A Riga Minox is a collector item, in good condition, a Riga Minox worth over $1000. As picture taking device, however, the lens is not as good as latter COMPLAN lens. There were only 17,000 Riga Minox made. It was made in Riga, Latvia, that is why it is called Riga Minox In the "Minox information links" thread, there is a link to Latvia Photography Museum.

-- martin tai (, March 14, 1999.

Hello Martin, I looked in the Latvia exhibit and saw the shiny black developing tank in the picture.

Is that a "collectible" item also? Or do they still make those even today the same way?

-- mike c (, March 14, 1999.

Mike, the development tank at Latvia Museum of Photography Exhibit is the orginal Minox tank, called Riga Minox tank ! It is very rare and collectible. It some times shows up at auction. Minox still makes and sells Minox daylight development tank, you may check this out at

-- martin tai (, March 14, 1999.

Mike, EVERYTHING in that photo at the Latvia exhibit is a collector's item! Most of the items are far more rare than the camera itself, as the camera was made in greater numbers had a higher survival rate than any of the accessories.

-- Michael J. Vorrasi (, May 14, 1999.

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