why are there no images in the review cart?

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i have s-mart set up to display images in the cart, and it makes the table for them, but it does not display them. what gives? this is very frustrating!!!

-- peter (thrillkill@unitedstates.com), March 13, 1999


Peter, Did you ever find an answer to this? I'm running into the same problem....


-- El Brant (el@wilmington.net), June 23, 1999.


You have to set the "s-mart.cfg" file to get the images in the review cart. Look for this.

# Do you want to review command to show the prodcuct images? # $useimage = 0; images scare me # $useimage = 1; bring em on $useimage = 1;

Set "$useimage = 1;" and you got your images.


-- James L. Farmer (jim@team-blankets.com), June 23, 1999.

oops, I wasn't actually trying to get the images into the review cart... I wanted to call the image up if the search was for one item (single result only). Here is how I did it....

# For showing product images if ($FORM{'search'} eq $ITEM{'itemid'}) { print "\n"; } else { print "\ \n"; }

You will have to edit the spacing and HTML tags appropriately.

-- El Brant (el@wilmington.net), June 24, 1999.

I have done all that and i still get no images in the view or order cart. i get them fine if i use the code cgi-bin/smart.cgi?command=listitems&type=search&pos=0

but when i view the cart no images and yes it is set to 1 I have been working on this problem for more them a week and still nothing.......

-- Joseph (odog259@aol.com), June 12, 2000.

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