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Can you tell me something about Thomas Andrews ?There4s a silly site on the net about him,and always I write in the guestbook and ask what they4re talking about,they don4t answer me.Perhaps you could help me.

-- (, March 13, 1999


What do you want to know?

He was in his early forties, married, with one child. He was the nephew of Lord William Pirrie, chariman of Harland and Wolff (the shipbuilding firm which built Titanic and her sister ships), and was being groomed to replace Pirrie after his retirement. He immersed himself in his work, often going to the shipyard at 4:00 AM. He supervised the design of Olympic and Titanic, and his notebook on Olympic is still in the H&W archives (H&W sells reproductions of it, in fact). He was the head of a 9-man 'Guarantee Group' which accompanied each new H&W ship on its maiden voyage to iron out any bugs, which is how he came to be on the fatal maiden voyage of Titanic.


-- Kip Henry (, March 15, 1999.

Kip, Tommie was not in his early forties. He was 39 when he died. He was born 7 February 1873. The rest of your account about him is very true. He was as one biographer put it, the epitome of the proterstant work ethic of the time. Very immersed in his work.

-- William Barnes (, June 30, 2000.

true, even my pigs could know that. He was also a gentlemen to the ladies, and when the titanic was sinking, he gazed at a painting. As his wife and kids on the ship? I'm not sure

-- patti laren lacross (, March 04, 2004.

Hello Patti: Thomas' wife Helen and their daughter Elizabeth (Elba) were not on the ship. They were home in Comber.

-- Denise D. Vanaria (, March 22, 2004.

Can somebody tell me something about wife of Thomas Andrews?


Have a nice time

-- Sylvie (, April 04, 2004.

To copy and paste from Tanic Andrew's answer in another thread:

"Helen Reilly Barbour was the daughter of a prominent business man. He may have been invloved with Harland And Wolff. After Thomas's death she remarried John Harland of H&W and had four children by him. She died in England in 1966"

Toodlez, Rachel

-- Rachel Andersson (, September 05, 2004.

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