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Found a site on a web ring selling canned meats, I've never heard of them (canned meat)before. Does anyone have any info? I'd like to place an order. Thanks

-- Jamie (, March 12, 1999


Yeah. Be sure to check the "Canned Food Shelf Life??" thread in the "Food: storing/Buying" catgory before you buy any... 000PcO

-- Bill (, March 13, 1999.

We have been selling canned meats, as a business for 8 years. It is a stable product. All meat processors are required to have government inspectors on the premises at all times. The intense heat and cooking elimenates all raw meat villans i.e. E-Coli. It is every bit as safe as Campbells Chicken noodle, Starkist tuna Look for the state or federal inspection sticker for assurance of supervision in processing. The main culprit in storage is humidity, condensation, and resulting rust, that would cause a hole in the can. Here at the farm in a house over 100 years old with an old limestone basement this has taken about 3 years. In the midwest canned meats are very common We sell ours in over 40 groceries right along side the tuma , etc. We sell our 14 oz. cans for around $3.50. Cheaper than a trip to Mcdonalds. We use it in noodles, chicken salad, (just prepare like tuna) We have several recipes for casseroles. It can be eaten right from the can, because it is allready cooked. Add your favorite barbecue sauce. No offense to jerky and beans, we like both of those here, but I would sure hate to eat them day in day out.

-- Susan Gaiser (woodside, July 09, 1999.

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