What made you cry the most???

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What scene did you cry the most in Titanic??

Of course it's all sad but what scene was the most sad do you think??

The scene that gets me the most is the bit where Rose has just thrown the necklace and then that gorgeous piano music begins and the camera scans across the photos.....then Rose and then to the titanic....that bits makes the tears flow more....anyone agree-or not?

-- Jo Duggan (Rose103531@aol.com), March 12, 1999


Ya. That is definately my favorite scene. That is the part that makes me break down!

-- Laura (alimcbeil@aol.com), March 12, 1999.

I didn4t cry in this movie because Leonardo and Kate are so silly that you can even laugh.

-- (foo@bar.com), March 13, 1999.

I think the saddest scene is the end, when the sunken ship morphs back into like new, and Rose and Jack meet on the staircase. Actually, it is not sad, but that part makes me cry.

-- cgk (cbroce@usit.net), March 13, 1999.

I don't think Kate and Leo are silly....I think they're bloody good actors(Kate more than Leo in some ways)....I agree with the very end bit because that is sad...it's sad in a joyful way and makes you smile through the tears.

Another scene that really gets me is when Rose is standing below the Statue of Liberty in the rain and the piano music is playing....I don't know why but the music is so touching....

-- Jo Duggan (Rose103531@aol.com), March 14, 1999.

Ya. When she says her name is "Rose Dawson". That's another touching part. Beleive it or not, another part that gets to me is the morph from the flying scene to the wreckage.

-- Laura (alimcbeil@aol.com), March 17, 1999.

The scene that brings me to tears the the Irish Mom soothing her children to sleep with the story. I break down everytime.

-- Mary Hamric (mvhamric@midamerican.com), March 18, 1999.

One of the saddest scenes for me would have to be when Rose gets in the lifeboat without Jack, realizing for that moment that she may never see him again; that she would live and he may not. Also at that same scene when we are in Rose's view in slow motion and see the children crying for their daddy who they will never see again as the father chokes back tears, trying to cope with this whole unbelievable situation, telling his little ones everything will be okay. At that scene I think the realization that the ship is going down and their loved ones are being torn from them is finally brought to reality. Seeing everyone brought to tears is something that hits me hard; to think that had I been on that ship I would be facing that same situation, that my father would be unable to reach a boat himself, is so heartbreaking that it is hard for me to comprehend what those people were feeling at that moment. That is definitely one of the most touching scenes.

-- Kelly (kelly_rose1@hotmail.com), March 18, 1999.

The part that actually makes me still cry is where we see the older couple, presumably the Stausses, holding each other on the bed. Jack and Rose were not real, they were fictional characters, and yes, the first couple times I saw the movie, I cried because of them. Now, when I see the movie, I cry for all the people who really died needlessly on the Titanic in 1912.

-- Misty (Hello@again.com), March 22, 1999.

misty, the strausses didn't die in bed. they died at lifeboat davit #8. "titanic" is full of lies, like that one. don't be suckered.

-- no one (foo@bar.com), March 23, 1999.

I too, cried for Jack and Rose, but seeing the Irish mommy reading to her two children in bed was a heart-wrenching scene. As was the one where they are slowly rowing among the frozen bodies, and we see the woman holding her baby in death...that one still gets to me.

-- Courtney (theclarkes@sprint.ca), March 23, 1999.

Whether the Strausses died in bed, at lifeboat davit #8 or inside one of the smoke stack doesn't change the fact that they died. I don't feel I have been suckered in any way shape or form, because I understand the movie was not meant to be a documentary and I can differentiate between fact and fiction.

-- Misty (Me@again.com), March 24, 1999.

The price of the popcorn and soda that my son bought at the theatre made me weep uncontrolably!


-- Peter Nivling (pcnivling@capecod.net), March 24, 1999.

the bit where rose is in the boat and says goodbye to jack but then gets out, and the part where jack is on the raft with rose, *bawls uncontrollably. And when she meets him when she dies or dreams. the whole story is really touching, and will last forever..

-- jessica (jruxton21@hotmail.com), April 21, 2002.

When Rose is looking at the Statue of Liberty. I just fully realized Fabrizio was really gone then. He was so looking forward to starting a new life in America! *sob*

-- Cherie Hapney (cheriehap@aol.com), November 01, 2003.

The scene that gets me is when Rose jumps back onto Titanic after being on the life boat. When Jack is running to her after that, his face is very touching, and i always start to cry just when they jump into eachothers arms and Rose let's out a cry and then Jack starts telling her how stupid she is. I cry every time. Also, when we see the realization go through Rose that Jack is dead and lays down to die and starts to cry, i cry too. And when she watches him sink to the bottom of the ocean...thats when i really start to bawl.

-- Rachel Andersson (mfwalker@erols.com), September 02, 2004.

I also cry when they are at the back of the ship right before it splits, and we see the woman holding her young son and saying "it will all be over soon." It is sad because that was the only way she could comfort her son. She knew everything would not be okay and it really makes me realize how scared they all were...how scared i would have been.

-- Rachel Andersson (mfwalker@erols.com), September 02, 2004.

all of it is heartwrenching for me. to see rose and jack so hapy together and not knowing that soon they would be torn apart forever because of the lack of lifeboatsand the poples stupidity. the bit at the end gets to me when she finds jack again after she dies. its just a perfect endin, but a one dat makes u cry with happiness and what they could have had.

-- emily wainwright (emilywainwright13@hotmail.com), December 18, 2004.

I think the sad parts of the movie were when Jack and Rose are at the place where the first met when the ship is sinking! It is also very very very sad when Jack dies:[

-- Rose Dawson (mgcool10@sbcglobal.net), December 29, 2004.

I cried for weeks when I first saw the movie, just thinking about certain scenes. The ultimate has to be when the band is playing "Nearer my God to Thee" and the camera goes from the old couple in bed and then to the Irish mother telling her kids a bedtime story, knowing that a terrible death was near for all of them. A movie for the ages..

-- Michael Belknap (mikebel@earthlink.net), January 08, 2005.

The part where i started 2 cry was when the people started 2 panic and they started 2 jump off the ship! It made me cry cuz i knew that that was probly what happned back in 1912! And another sad part was when Mollie tryed 2 get the people on her life boat 2 turn around and help but nobody would go back!But the worst part about the whole thing was is that they made jack die! THAT WAS DUMB!!!!!

-- Madie Knudson (Katesmynam@aol.com), February 17, 2005.

Casablanca, anyone? (yawn...)

-- Patsy Ann Holton (Pholton100@aol.com), March 04, 2005.

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