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My wonderful friends It has passed relatively a long time since I started to provocate my soul with questions (or Koans) like "Who is I" What had my face been before my great parents were born, etc. Here, in the Czech Republic, where I am writing from, unlike the USA or other western countries, Transpersonal Psychology is really in the cradle. I am really intensively searching for a possibility how to study this new and beautiful subject in a systematic way. Regarding my present situation and economic condition of a Czech citizen, I wish to study some form of home based training (e.g. via Internet, or in correnspondence form) or participate in some individual or joint project, etc. Another possibility is to find a sholarship provider that would be willing to cover distance form of study (for example at ITP in Palo Alto, or in other institute). I think that building up and development of transpersonal psychology in my country would make in fact the spring for information flow to our fellows. Searching for wholeness is not an easy process, and I expect that all we need in this period is know-how and purity of intention. Global happiness results from happiness of an individual. If there is anybody in the cyberspace who can provide me with a piece of information how I can participate in a systematic study of Transpersonal Psychology, I will really apperciate it. Thank you so much.

Jaroslav Gorhak, Czech Republic

-- Jaroslav Gorcak (, March 12, 1999


I cannot suggest a sytematic course of study of TP but through the internet you have free access to at least some of the texts and writings of transpersonal theorists and psychologists. I was delighted to just stumble on the full text of William James' Varieties of Religious Experience, for instance. This link has a wealth of such information: When I first began my own journey, all I had were my strange experiences and books. I encourage you to read Ken Wilbur, he is one of the fathers of TP. Peace, Pam

-- Pam Parsons (, January 30, 2000.

I have recently began to explore transpersonal psychology in a systematic fashion after reading extensively in philosophy, pyshchology and comparative religion for the past twenty seven years. I was studying transpersonal psychology but didn't attach the label to it. I have recently been in contact with John Moores University in England who offer a Masters degree in Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology. They do not have a distance learning option at the moment but I hope to be working with them to develop one so watch this space!!

If you wish to contact the University directly I suggest you check out the web link by searching Transpersonal Psychology on Yahoo and searching for Uk and Ireland sites. The people to contact are Les Lancaster and Mike Daniels

Best Wishes

Lee Wilcock

-- Lee Wilcock (, June 01, 2000.

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