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We are developing and housing a Job site for our state. It was put up in haste because of some elections. We completed a large portion of the project in a short amount of time. Now I have to go back and review the design and also come up with some sizing projections. Where to begin?

It's being used on a very small scale, to start with. It will soon be advertized to the public. That's what I'm concerned about. I guess I can start with the number of people who live in the state and go from there. (ie. unemployment rate, Population increases etc.)

Once I come up with some fudge factors what do I do with them? More importantly how do I apply them to actually doing the calculations at the database level and then adjust accordingly?

I wonder how these other job sites (, etc.) came up with there sizing projections?

Can anyone give me some direction?



-- Anonymous, March 11, 1999



I checked with Joe Racek at the Washington State Employment Security Department. (Their job site is at Joe said we are using 100 to 200 MB. The Washington state population is about 5 Million.

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, March 15, 1999

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