I can't add items to the cart.

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When I click on buy item button I get the page that says: "List all items available Search for a particular item(s): " etc. It happends if I'm using IExplorer 4.0x If I use Netscape 4.0x I get the browser's dialog box that ask to save or to open the file. I don't want to use a db file, I'll generate the html pages manually. I checked out permissions, smart.cfg, etc. I can get another script (a test one: myscript.cgi) running from the same location. I test the script with www.patagoniashop.com/cgi-bin/smart.cgi?command=review and it works. The item page is at www.patagoniashop.com/default.htm and the scripts at www.patagoniashop.com/cgi-bin I check this forum looking for a solution but I can't find it. I saw many shopping cart scripts and I believe this one is the one I'm looking for, so I will be very grateful for any help. TIA.

Nicolas nyn@bariloche.com.ar

-- Nicolas Padin (nyn@bariloche.com.ar), March 11, 1999

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