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My brother, a lifetime San Francisco native, is getting married and moving to Kentucky. I want to give him a framed painting or print of San Francisco to take with him. Does anyone know any local artists who specialize in San Francisco scenes, nice watercolor or muted oils, or any local Bay Area galleries that have local artists. I don't live on Nob Hill, so we're not talking a hugely expensive commissioned painting or anything, just a nice piece they can hang in their house.

Thanks Ann

-- Ann Daman (bigpix@dnai.com), March 09, 1999


Ihave a set of three etchings by alex stern that were from the San Francisco Maritime Museum. One is "Drying Sail" a picture of a ship in harbor; another is "America" a drawing of its bow and carved woman scultured into its bow; and the last is "the Balcutha" at pier #43 of the San Francisco Maritime Museum. I talked to the museum, and one of their people said the Balcutha was moved from pier #43 in the 1930s. Alec Stern was a friend of Jack London and did the illustrations of dogs fighting and harbors, ships, the gold rush to alaska, etc. They are each 7" x 9" and are under glass in Gilt frames. I think they are worth about four hundred, but Ive had them since the seventies and a lot of good times.

-- Al (decorativewood@yahoo.com), January 26, 2004.

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