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Would anyone share their experience with Cachet AB55 film developer. It is a two part divided developer. I understand that it will develop any B&W film, regardless of the brand, with the possible exception of Kodak Tech Pan as follows: Any temperature between 65-85. Five minutes in solution A and five minutes in soluttion B, with normal agitation. Too good to be true?

Francis T. Knapik

-- Francis T. Knapik (, March 09, 1999


A little too good to be true. While you could develop all films together in the same tank regardless of temperature, if you want do develop them to about the same CIs you'll need to be using varying dilutions of, if memory serves, part A. IOW, the stuff works but doesn't live up to claims. If you want to play with a two-part developer, just mix up some D-23 for part A, giving about half the normal development time, and follow that with a soak in a solution of borax or Kodalk.

-- John Hicks / John's Camera Shop (, March 10, 1999.

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