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I would like to know if this new book contains information on intermodal service of the railroad, and if their is a book that has intermodal service, piggyback during the SCL years. Do convey my regards to the membership as I am rarely able to make the meetings, and it is a joy to have others who enjoy the railroad when it had good colors.


-- anthony middleton (, March 08, 1999


Response to seaboard Air Line railways by Griffen

Not much has been written on SAL intermodal operations...

I have a copy of the Official Seaboard "TOFC Traffic Handbook" #111 from around 1961-62. It is about 70 pages long and contains all the details about SAL TOFC service, including maps, equipment, tarriff's, operations, terminals, etc..... I never added it to the reprint list because I didn't think it would generate much interest.

If anyone is interested in a copy I can put it into limited run printing. Please let me know.

Ted Strickland

-- Ted Strickland (, March 09, 1999.

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