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I bought this meter today and try to figure out how it works best for me. I read all the posts on this meter here, but I've got one more little question. Ellis is talking about the flash metering capacity. The guy who sold this meter second-hand to me, told me there was no possibility for flash metering. Have I got an older model?

-- Lot (, March 08, 1999


On the side of the meter with the LCD display, is there a little two position switch marked "ambi flash" directly underneath the button labeled "m-clr"? If so you have a Spotmeter F. You move the switch to the "flash" position to read flash. On the opposite side of the meter, in big type it should read "Spotmeter F".

If that switch isn't there, and the logo isn't there then you bought a Spotmeter M, which is (or was) made concurrently with the Spotmeter F.

The one major drawback of the Spotmeter F is that you have to use a sync cord so the meter can trigger the flash, there is no non-cord capability.

-- Ellis (, March 08, 1999.

Thanks Ellis, it turns out I bought an M.

-- Lot (, March 09, 1999.


So you bought a spotmeter "M" right ?

I'm having a possibility to buy a "M" model as well. I'd like to know a few old is this spotmeter ? if it gets to old, do you think Minolta will still be able to repair it? Do you think spotmeter M to be still accurate ( since it's a SPOTMETER, it's gotta be ACCURATE... ; ) )



-- Bruce Barelly (, April 25, 2001.

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