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I encode jpg files (combine with mp3) into mpg with xing mpeg encoder. It works, and can be played with active movie. But I can't drag it into video cd creator layout (easy cd creator deluxe 3.5b). It said that can't recognized the format. Why ?

NB : I used Video CD, NTSC Stream Profiles

-- Cing An (, March 08, 1999


About EZ-CD rejecting your MPEG files, kind of the same thing happened to me. After you encode the *.jpg *.mp3 together, you take that file & encode it again. (Make Sure You Are Encoding Them As Video CD) For Example I have two files: picture.jpg song.mp3 I encode them as Video CD with Xing I get a *.mpg file called: songpic.mpg I encode the file: songpic.mpg & encode that file again and call it: 2songpic.mpg & that file should work. Hope it all works out, It did for me.

-- Jay (, September 05, 1999.

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