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I have received an old conductor's railroad lantern which supposedly was used by my grandfather when he worked for the Atlantic Coast Line in Waycross, Ga. He died in an accident in 1943 when he fell under the train at Dupont, Ga. I can find no markings on the lantern to indicate its origin and it seems in very good condition, almost too good to be that old. Is there any way to verify this lantern would have been used by ACL in that era? Also, aside from newspaper accounts--which I have--are there any records available which might relate to his death? Thanks. Jim Reeder Stuart, Fl.

-- Jim Reeder (, March 07, 1999


Jim, regarding the lanterns' origin, If you got it from a family member that said it was your Grandfathers', that's good enough. I have a Seaboard tall globe that my grandfather allegedly "borrowed" one dark night in Piedmont Alabama, to give him a little light on the way home. I guess he forgot to return it. The globe is marked Seaboard, but if it wasn't, I'd have picked Seaboard rather than Southern when telling the story.(both roads ran through there) There's got to be someone who knows if ACL used Adlake or whatever during the period. The marked lanterns might bring more interest, but I'd rather inherit one with a story any day. Regards to all, Al

-- Al Pelham (, August 07, 1999.

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