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I am in the process of painting and lettering a steam loco(2-8-0) for the Central of Georgia, but can not find the correct steam decals. Does anyone know if they are available and whaer they can be purchased. Thanks Dale Koglin

-- Dale L. Koglin (, March 07, 1999


The information Bill Lowe provided was correct. Riverdale Station has the decals I have been looking for. The tender Herald is available on an O scale sheet and the numerals are available on a Southern Pacific sheet,both Microscale products.

-- Dale Koglin (, March 12, 1999.

I was told by someone and I can't remember when that O scale switcher locos were about the right size. Seems like I saw some at Riverdale Station at one time but I don't know if this was a sample run or not. You might give Bob a call.

-- Bill Lowe (, March 09, 1999.

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