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3 MAIN RULES OF ANY SOFTWARE FIRM: Rule #1: it's morally wrong to allow naive end users to keep their money. Rule#2: Did program work once? Well then, let's ship it. Rule#3 : Don't waste time adding help to programs if you want to work for our firm!!! when end users don't know.. they can always use the Web to successfully reference a thousand others who don't know either.

Q:What is the purpose of the universe? A: God created it because he values elegance and simplicity, but then the users and managers demanded he tack all this senseless stuff onto it and now everything is more complicated and expensive than ever.

Q:Did God really create the world in seven days? A: He did it in six days and nights while living on cola and candy bars. On the seventh day he went home and found out his girlfriend had left him.

Q:What's the difference between a programmer and god? A:God knows he is not a programmer.

-- Joe Coder (snootzy@aol.com), March 06, 1999

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