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Is setting the game speed FASTER than 100% allowable?

Before you answer that with "If you're dumb enough to try 300% speed, go right ahead Aqua," let me explain a bit.

There are some games where the game never gets harder after a certain point and it becomes an endurance contest. Some of these, such as Defender, can't really be pushed. Pac-Man could probably be pushed to 125% or 150% speed without throwing off an expert. One of my favorites, Mat Mania, isn't the slightest bit harder at 300%. Instead of taking 2 hours per million, it would take 40 minutes. I think the record in 1987 was around 3.5 million. At 300% speed, thats beatable in 2 1/2 hours instead of the 7 it actually took.

I realize it would be as unenforcable as the ban on slow speeds is right now, but I think fast speeds should be officially banned as well out of general principle.

-- Aquatarkus (, March 06, 1999


hmmmm some games i wish i could jsut hit full throttle on...but its not quite within the rules i thought...but still :) it would be fun on exciting hour/matmania :) I KNOW THAT :)

-- Krool (, March 06, 1999.

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