A gentle reminder...

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Just a little reminder for our friends here in the MARP community...don't forget to use default settings when chasing down a score. If you're not quite sure what default is for a particular game, then just delete the .cfg file for that game and you shall have default settings.


-- JoustGod (pinballwiz1@msn.com), March 03, 1999


... unless, of course, the recording you're making involves getting young girls to strip, in which case you can use as many lives as you like!

Just kidding. (o:


-- Zwaxy (zwaxy@bigfoot.com), March 03, 1999.

You can also use the -ignorecfg switch if you're using one of the recent DOS versions.

-- Aquatarkus (aquatarkus@digicron.com), March 04, 1999.

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