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I would like to be able to record with a shotgun mic on the L audio track, and put a wireless lav onto the R track. Can this be done with the mimi-plug, or do I have to go the XLR breakoutbox route?

-- Harry Pallenberg (, March 03, 1999


If I was you, I'd go the XLR transformer route. That is, if you mean that the shotgun is on a boom. The cord that connects the mic to the camera acts sort of like a microphone for noise. The longer it is, the more hum it can pick up. The XLR connection makes your audio input "balanced", free from that hum. Sony's XLR transformer is only mono, but BeachTech If the shotgun is gonna be on the camera, then it doesn't matter, since that short length of unbalanced mini cable is gonna be there with either set up. But if I was you, unless I was doing news- gathering type work, I'd use a boom with the shotgun, as this is usually the best audio you can get for fiction and much documentary work. Though this may be more advice than you wanted... You should be sure that you only use wireless lavs if you NEED to, not cause it makes the shot a little easier, since these things can create all kinds of trouble. If there's really no other option, make sure you don't get the cheapest ones, they can cause all kinds of dropout and interference. Good luck.

-- nate ford (, March 10, 1999.

I know what you are trying to do, I have the same requirements. I found the XLR-PRO from Studio 1 work much better than the Beach adapter that has been recommended. It has 2 XLR inputs and 2 - 1/8" inputs, along with a Stereo/Mono Switch, which allows you to set the XLR-PRO up so that input 1 records on the right audio track and input 2 records on the left audio track. When you put the unit in the Mono mode you can use just 1 mic and have it record to both the L & R audio tracks. Here is their web site address if you want to find out more about the XLR-PRO.

I tried the Beach unit, but I had 60 cycle hum pickup when using the camera with the AC adapter. Also, from time to time I seemed to pickup zoom motor noise. I have never had these problems with the Studio 1 model. Mike, MTW Productions

-- Mike (, March 25, 1999.

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