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Hi folks,

I am looking for simple information on processing & developing tech pan. I am not very good with mixing chemical and measure temperature. Is there a good source i.e a simple literature on chemical and processing time.

Thanks a lot,


-- Adrian Ng'asi (, March 03, 1999


Try this combination to give you a start

iso 25 developed in rodinal 7 minutes at 1:100

Ive had good results or try APX 25 at Agfa's recommended times which is easier to control

Steve Nicholls

-- Steve Nicholls (, March 03, 1999.

Here are developers and times as listed in Kodak's publication P-255

Shoot at EI 16 to 25, develop in Technidol Liquid for 5 to 11 minutes

Shoot at EI 32 to 64, develop in HC-110 dil F for 6 to 12 minutes


-- Fritz M. Brown (brownf{DHWTOWERS/TOWERS3/brownf}, March 04, 1999.

Oops. A keyboarding error submitted it before I was done. Here we go again.

ISO 16 to 25, develop 5 to 11 min in Technidol Liquid

ISO 32 to 64, develop 6 to 12 minutes in HC-110 dil F

ISO 32 to 50 develop 8 to 12 minutes in Microdol-X

ISO 64 to 125 develop 6 to 12 minutes in D-76

ISO 80-125 dewvelop4 to 8 minutes in HC-110 dil D

ISO 100 to 250 develop 4 to 12 minutes in HC-110 dil B

ISO 100 to 200 develop 2 to 8 minutes in D-19

ISO 100 to 160 develop 4 to 7 minutes in D-19 diluted 1:2

ISO 200 develop 3 minutes in Dektol

Keep in mind that contrast is increasing through that series of developers. I have used Technidol, D-76, HC-110 and D-19 on tech pan. Using Technidol gives negatives with a useful contrast range. D-76 also gave contrasty, but printable negatives. D-19 gives extremely contrasty negatives (basically two toned). I had bad luck with HC-110 giving me an extremely high base fog (I shot EI 100 and used dilution F for 7 minutes. Very high base fogging and blocking out of highlights). Good luck.

-- Frtiz M. Brown (brownf{DHWTOWERS/TOWERS3/brownf}, March 04, 1999.

For the best quality and control with Tech Pan, I recommend you try TD-3 from the Photographers' Formulary. It's cheaper than Technidol and much more forgiving. If you process the film for 21 minutes with agitation every three minutes, TD-3 keeps the highlights in check, and gives them a nice sparkle. Plus, there's a true speed increase of a stop to a stop and a half, so you can shoot at an EI of 50. Enough TD-3 to process 20 rolls is $10.95.

-- Brian Hinther (, March 30, 1999.

I've used Ethol TEC in the two solution formula for about 10 years with 35mm Tech Pan 2415 with excellent results. Dilute 30:1, develop for 6 1/2 minutes at 70 F. An E.I. of 100 is bonus with this. Also it is dirt cheap, about $0.06 a roll and the stock solution lasts for 2-3 years with refrigeration. I print with 2 1/2 filter(about 0.6 gamma) on Ilford MF FB.

I also understand that Kodak recommends Xtol at 5:1 dilution. Not sure about the gamma or E.I. expected.

-- Gene (, April 01, 1999.

A follow up to my post. I looked at Xtol data sheet on Kodak's site. At 5:1 dilution, the E. I is 10. UGH!

-- Gene (, April 02, 1999.

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