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I was introduced to the Moorish sciences several years ago by a friend and have been pursuing studies on my own ever since. I have never filed for my Moorish identity and would like to know what steps I need to take.

-- Haywood Burgess (, March 03, 1999


assalaam alaikum!

that would depend on certain factors. there are various moorish groups around (but one big happy family!)(we hope!), and one could theoretically be nationalized by any of them. one might search out the nearest MST temple, if that's the direction you wish to go. i think nuwaubian moors have a seperate nationalization process. the moorish orthodox church is much less formal about nationalization and usually one would merely declare his or her nationality, and perhaps procure a moorish passport. i don't know about the wabishaw or deleware moors, but i assume they also have seperate processes! there are several factors at play re: which group to be nationalized by. some groups, frankly, require a darker skin tone. others accept nationalization from anyone that understands basic moorish science ideas and has a sincere desire to enter. it might be easier to suggest things to you if your location was known...

be well!


-- khan (, March 15, 1999.

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