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Hi, I have managed with my limited knowledge of CGI coding to have changed the appearnce of the basic form output and would like to add a button (graphic button .gif file) rather than the usual submit-type button that is created with a submit action. How can I change the below code in smart.cgi to include a .gif file rathter than the "Buy Me" button?

#Add button print "\n";

Would appreciate any help I can get.

-- Eddie (, March 02, 1999


I was wondering if you ever figured out how to add a .gif for the "Buy Me" button. If you could you please let me know.



-- Joe A. (, March 09, 1999.

I think I can help. Mine is a modified version of S-mart, but it should work. In the catalog. cgi or whatever you have it called, search for buy me. Replace that code with the following. # Quantity & Add button print "Quantity\: \n"; Instead of input type=submit and value = "Buy Me!" make it input type=image and src= your image.

I tried it and got it working, so if you have any trouble, let me know.

-- Rick Roberson (, April 09, 1999.

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