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Could anyone give me a clue why I only get one shopping cart, and the customers IP address does not get assigned to the cart.

It's hard to believe, but the access log is recording the customers IP address's, why not to the cart? No errors in the error log either.

I'm using the iTransact Redicart v3.9.2 or Smart v1.9, on a Lenux Virtual Web Server hosted by, Apachy 1.3.3, and perl5.00403....

Every customer see the same cart. If one customer adds products everybody who accesses the cart see them. I understand that the carts name should be the sore name, plus the customers IP address

I only see one cart (store1-), and do not see an IP address inside the cart. I have seen the other reports were customers use the same ISP. This is not the case. I have added products to the cart, any one want to see ""

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TIA :-(

-- Ricky Holcomb (, March 01, 1999


Are you sure you made the "tmp" directory in the cgi directory containing the smart.cgi files? And, are permissions set to 777? Usually shopping cart problems are related to "tmp" directory. iTransact (RediCat) also requires an "orders" directory there too with same permissions.

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-- Todd Miller (, March 12, 1999.

Ricky, The exact same thing is happening to me, it was working fine until a couple weeks ago when my ISP switched servers on me. I'm checking with them now for Apache version #''s. Earl

-- Earl McManus (, March 15, 1999.

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