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I know i am going to get yelled at for this, I edited my smart.cgi file and then uploaded it in ascii. I edited one line where it links to a secure server. Now it doesnt work, I get an internal error. I got a feeling it is because i am trying to upload through AOL. I can DL a cgi file and upload it without making changes and it doesnt work. what are my options?? any and all help is greatly appreciated!

-- Ron Heller (, February 27, 1999


I had the same problem. Here is the problem. When you use your PC to edit the file it adds a "^M" character at the end of the file. My suggestion is to edit the file online using a telnet program and then using vi. For larger edits, use notepad but after you ftp the file over, use the telnet program and vi to remove these "^M". You will not be able to see these "^M" characters on your desktop unless you are telneted in using vi. Does this help? If not drop me an email.


-- Rob (, March 08, 1999.

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