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Can anyone explain the basic difference(s) between a "Grill Car" and a Diner, as far as car layout and services offered. Although I know this probably differed much over time, considering the various railroads, car builders and periods of operation, s simple decsription will suffice. Thanks. -Bob Venditti

-- Bob Venditti (, February 26, 1999


SAL had two grill cars.These were ex-C&O HW coaches rebuilt by SAL. They took out part of the seats and made a small galley and counter with about eight stools,this was for food service on the lesser known trains.In later years these cars ran between Jax. and Hamlet on trains 9 and 10 "The Palmland".After the merger they were seen on the Jax.- St.Pete connection trains. Diners are full service cars that offer sit down table meals.They were staffed with waiters,cooks,a chef and a steward.PS cars were normally 36 seat capicity and Budd cars with 48 seats.Of course, there were many other varations of these cars on other railroads.

-- Joseph Oates (, February 28, 1999.

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