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Someone recently told me about a black and white sheet film called Berrger (spelling?). Anyone familiar with it? Where can one purchase it? I was also told that using pyro with this film can give outstanding results.

-- Craig A. Uecker (, February 25, 1999


Response to info on Berrger sheet film?

I haven't used Bergger but have read about it in "The Film Developing Cookbook" (by Anchell). The Authors highly recommend the film, stating that it is somewhat similar to the old Kodak Super XX(?) film in terms of Zone system control capability. Base PMK development times are also given. The Authors laud Bergger for their willingness to provide basically any sheet film format.

-- Kelly Miller (, February 25, 1999.

Response to info on Berrger sheet film?

Gordon Hutchings of pyro fame reviewed Bergger's BPF 200 in the Sep/Oct 98 issue of View Camera. It's primary virtue is that it has a very straight line, close to the legendary Super XX which was discontinued in the early 80's I think. He also noted that the Forte 200 & 400 films are similar. In the U.S. you can contact John Horowy about the Bergger products at 1-815-282-9876

-- Sean yates (, February 27, 1999.

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