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Hey guys, kudos to Mr. Zablan for the great page and for Carlo for pointing it out to me. I'm just wondering if its worth having slides processed at pro developers, especially if I use consumer film like Kodak's Elitchromes. Also does anyone know of any developer in the San Juan/New Manila who can process my slide films relatively fast? Where do you guys have your slides processed? Thanks!

-- miguel n (, February 25, 1999


The E-6 process (slides), like C-41 (color neg), is standardized regardless of what brand of film is used, and ,from what I know, automated when done by labs with processing machines. In fact, with E-6 or C-41, the more automation the better since even slight variations in chemical temperature or timing can produce undesirable results, so I'd have more peace of mind having them processed automatically rather than with someone with a semi-automated JOBO processor (which some custom labs use). I'd say there is even less variation with slides since you take away the variable of printer skill (though it isn't quite as forgiving when it comes to exposure latitude and color balancing issues). I guess the only variables to consider would be how fresh the chemicals are and how well the processed slides are handled and mounted. So, theoretically, any 'mall-lab'such as Fuji Image Plaza or Island Photo with good control of the above two variables should be fine.

That being said, I have my slides done at the Fuji main office at #24 Sto. Domingo st. (near the church), where I can get them back, mounted ,after a day. Carlo Guerrero says they even do cross-processing, but I havn't tried this myself. BTW, you can have CIBA chromes (actually this is a misnomer since Ilford bought the process so now its ILFOchrome everywhere else) done at Studio 58 Unit 10 at Mckinley Road.

-- Tommy Zablan (, February 25, 1999.

I still say, try Studio 58 Lab 10. It's one of two acredited Kodak Q-lab here in the Philippines I know of. They do a very clean job. Clean negs, trannies, prints. Reasonably priced.

-- Carlo Ma. Guerrero (, February 26, 1999.

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