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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has purchased (or seen) the limited edition Minox CLX camera? I'd be very interested, as I'm thinking of buying one.


-- Bob Woods (woorob@msn.com), February 24, 1999


Bob, I ordered my CLX in advance and asked for the number that equals the month and day of my birthday, and Minox delivered it in December, 1998. Minox told me mine was the 20th in actual production, although the actual serial number was much higher to match the number I asked for. They will fill in the empty spots as production progresses. It is a brilliantly polished chrome plated BRASS shell, not alloy, much heavier than a TLX or standard LX. It has a diamond pattern engraved on the front and rear panels as well as the top and bottom side panels. Also has nice engraving on the bottom plate of a Riga Minox and an LX. Very nice. They are making 500, all are metric. It comes in a big silver box with a VHS video of Walter Zapp telling his life story, and inside the big box, a smaller wooden display box for camera and deluxe leather case and chain. The case is similar to the one that came with the Gold I LX and Gold II AX. it looks like the earlier Model B case, not the normal flop around LX case. (Wish these become standard again!) In comparision to the Gold models, of which only 250 each were made, it is as heavy as the Gold I LX, as it is also brass, but the diamond patterns are of larger diamonds and they do not wrap around the corners to the ends of the camera where the PC socket and tripod mount are, like the Gold models do. The pre- production photos on the Minox Processing Labs website show what looks just like a chrome version of the Gold I LX, as it has these wrap around ends and much finer diamonds like the Gold I LX, but actual production model was like I describe. The ends are smooth, diamonds a bit larger. A beauty by any standards. Not as nice as the Gold I LX, but then, it is half the price, and still nicer looking than any other LX I have, or have seen! I have seen the platinum LX, and I didn't think it that special looking. Both the CLX and the Gold I LX are much more striking in appearance. BTW, the Gold I LX is NOT the 1987-made Minox Selection set, which was gold plated alloy. There were 999 made, half of these in feet. The recent 2nd edition of Moses book, Spycamera, after getting the gold Selection set correctly described in the first edition, blew it completely, in describing the new 1995 Gold I LX as being that camera. The photos in the new edition are of the Gold I LX, the description in text incorrectly describes the Selection. The newer camera blows away the earlier alloy one, appearance wise. Get a CLX while you can. It will be something special for any Minox fan, and, as it is a bit heftier, it feels so nice in the hand. Mike

-- Michael J. Vorrasi (MVorr99@aol.com), April 10, 1999.

I have received my Minox CLX and it really is a beauty. Probably the prettiest Minox I've ever seen. And the brass body gives it a heft some of the other Minoxes lack -- like my ECX.

-- Bob Woods (woorob@msn.com), April 19, 1999.

I also bought a CLX. Mine didn't arrive until April. It's really gorgeous and feels good in the hands. It's the first LX of any type I've owned, and like others, I rather wish it came with the ever-ready case. It's heavy, but I find I don't mind that. It has replaced my BL as my constant pocket companion, chained to my belt loop. It's expensive, sure, but a very nice machine.


-- Jon Callas (jon@callas.org), June 27, 1999.

The CLX shown in MPL website may not be a real CLX,

It could be a Gold LX brass body instead of gold plated, it was plated with chrome.

-- martin tai (martin.tai@capcanada.com), January 24, 2001.

Even though the CLX picture at MPL may not be the real thing, but it is an excellent photograph which shows the beauty of a chrome plated Minox. It is by far the best picture of CLX on the web and MPL is quite effective in using the web as a marketing tool.

In contrast, the pictures of CLX , TLX on Minox GmbH site are too small to give people an idea of how these camera look

Minox site TLX/CLX

I don't think any one is going to buy these camera by looking at these tiny pictures, they turn people away-- people don't understand why such unimpressive cameras cost so much.

It would be much better if clicking on these tiny Minox cameras brings up a full screen picture of the camera in top view, side view and bottom view.

-- martin tai (martin.tai@capcanada.com), January 24, 2001.

The CLX looks much better than in pictures.

It is absolutely stunning masterpiece.

-- martin tai (martin.tai@capcanada.com), January 25, 2001.

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