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I just downloaded - did anyone watch it? It's quite an amazing recording, but it uses quite a suspect tactic, namely getting all the skulls stuck at the top of the screen. Maybe we should vote on this behaviour, although I'd like to see the recording stand - it's still very well done.


-- Zwaxy (, February 24, 1999


Hmmmmm, I have to admit its a bit suspect getting the skulls trapped at the top of the screen, but he does still have to contend with the SuperQix still. I wouldn't like to say either way whether this technique should be banned. It's not totally points leeching as he is still finishing stages, getting harder etc.


PS: I did think it was an impressive recording as well, and who didn't use to do this with Qix in the good old days ?!

-- BeeJay (, February 25, 1999.

Hey: What happens with you Zwaxy?! I did trapp the skulls, but it's not that simple to do so, why don't you try by your own?. In fact, I lost most of my lives making the trapp!!!! I partially get rid of the skulls but I still gotta fight the monster, even worst, if you die two skulls free themselves and you'll never be able to catch them in the original trapp again. Anyway, if you want to bann my technique, Nike(just do it). I think it'd be a great loss and it wouldn't be fair. German Krol

-- German Castagnasso (, March 27, 1999.

German, sorry if I offended you. I didn't mean that I wanted the technique banned, I was just drawing attention to it. I even said "I'd like to see the recording stand - it's still very well done", meaning that I don't want to see it banned.


-- Zwaxy (, March 29, 1999.

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