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I have an Apple Macintosh LaserWriter 300 black and white printer that I purchased with my Apple Macintosh Performer 630 computer in December 1995. It has proved to be a reliable printer until several months ago when it ceased to function properly. All the plugs and cables are in order and connected properly, and the operation light illuminates when plugged in. Now when I go to print for example within Quark, or even to check the page setup, I am told that the (printer cannot be located -64) and sometimes my version of Quark quits automatically.I have tried to custom re-install with the printer installation disks but they are for systems 6 and 7.1, my system is 7.5 unfortunately. The printer icon- albeit a (LaserWriter 300GX) appears in the chooser but if I try to highlight it my computer crashes, or the chooser quits automatically. I cannot find a suitable printer installation over the internet, do I need to re-install the chooser?

I would greatly appreciate any help concerning this problem.

-- Phil Buckley (, February 24, 1999


First, use the Extensions Manager to turn off the GX drivers. Quark does not work with Quickdraw GX. After restarting your computer, go to the Choose and select LW 300. Test the setup by printing from Simpletext. If that works, your hardware and system software are fine. Quark is made for Postscript printers so printing to a LW 300 will be iffy at best.

-- Darron Spohn (, March 01, 1999.

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