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I have purchased a 1947 Budd dining car that formerly ran on the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. The "Washington" will be transforted to a siding in Chicago from La Mirada, California. Anyone know of a heavy equipment firm that can move the car to my site in Chicago? I am also looking for any menus or photographs that may be available. Thanks for your help!

David Gevercer

-- David Gevercer (, February 24, 1999


You didn't say what kind of shape the car is in.IE:Can it run on rails? If it can, that would be the best bet.Contact the railroad it is on and tell them that you want to move it.They will send somebody to inspect it and tell you what it will take. Please keep me posted.I was a car foreman and I will help you if I can.

-- Joseph Oates (, February 25, 1999.

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