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I see a few questions and responses to the subject of the tracking script but I don't see anything that tells me if it actually works or not. My complete 'S-Mart Shopping Cart' works just great with no known problems as of now except for when I try the Tracking option. It simply returns a server generated configuration error. Anyone have any constructive suggestions? Would appreciate any help I can get!

-- Eddie (, February 22, 1999


I found that the smartrack.cgi didn't work at all without the cookie.lib ... whether you are using cookies or not. The cookie.lib does not come in the download of the S-Mart so you have to download it from Matt's scripts at

-- Kevin (, August 01, 1999.


Do not use "smartrack.cgi". Smartrack has a security problem that's why the tracking was moved to "smartadmin.cgi". Any place in "smart.cfg" that you would put "smartrack" put "smartadmin". Works the same and you do not need cookies.


-- James L. Farmer (, August 01, 1999.

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