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I have just bought an Iomega jaz 2 gb drive with disc. I have been advised that paritioning a disc will make the access and search more efficient. In the tools on the disc there is only an erase ( FAST OR SLOW) with no mention of partitioning. As an alternative I tried to initialise the disc from the Mac OS8 on my PowerMac 7200, at which I get a message saying 'can not initialise, drive is unsupported'. The disc and drive are working perfectly - I just thought it would be a good idea to partition the disc!

It would be great if you had any ideas...thanks, Keith

-- KEITH ALDRED (, February 22, 1999


You can't do this with Apple's Drive Setup. I found this in the Mac OS Help.

"If you can't update your hard disk driver:  The hard disk may have been formatted with a third-party utility."

That would be the Iomega driver in this case.

Even if you could use Drive Setup to format the drive you might not be able to partition the drive. Iomega would have to supply partitioning iformation on the disk (I believe in ROM).

Maybe you should contact Iomega's support and see if they have any ideas.

-- Darron Spohn (, February 23, 1999.

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