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Hi Folks, I located a depot just off of NC 87 and US 74/76 that is being used as the East Columbus County Library. It is very near Acme, NC. Was this originally Acme's depot? Was it a Seaboard Air Line depot or ACL? I does not fit ACL's usual pattern, but that would not surprise me. Thanks! Marc

-- Marc L. Hamel (, February 22, 1999


Marc: I have a small polaroid which I took in either 12/76 or 12/77 while the depot was still in location. If you decide you want a copy, just let me know. I am not certain what year the station was closed. The picture is fairly clear. As Buddy Hill stated, it originally sat at Delco and was just off US 74/76. It was located on the opposite side of the highway from the Reigelwood post office and was located about a tenth of a mile east of the post office heading towards Wilmington. I haven't seen the depot since it was moved. Is the small room still on the front of it? David Smith

-- David R. Smith, Jr. (, March 01, 1999.

The depot in question was built by the ACL and formerly located in Delco NC (approximately 1 mile from its current location in Riegelwood NC). Hope this helps. Buddy Hill (no emails please)

-- Buddy Hill (, February 22, 1999.

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